Midnight Runners (2017)

Nonton Film Midnight Runners Subtitle Indonesia

Midnight Runners
Rating : 6.60/10 (169 votes)
Released : Aug 25, 2017
Category : Action, Crime, Comedy
Duration : 109 min
Director : Kim Joo-Hwan
Staring : Ha-seon Park, Seo-joon Park, Ha-neul Kang

Directed by Kim Joo-Hwan. With Seo-joon Park, Ha-Neul Kang, Ha-seon Park, Dong-il Sung. Hwang Ki Joon, Mr Action, and Kang Hee Yeol, Mr Bookworm, are two best friends but contradictory students at Korean National Police University. They accidentally witness a kidnapping and decide to work together to track it down.

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